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OnlyF model Arikytsya, accused of murdering her boyfriend, Has been denied bail…primarily on account of a court docket docket disagreed Along with her killing him In self-defense.

A resolve In Florida will Not allow Arikytsya to be launched on bail pending trial — her account of how her boyfriend, Christian Obumseli, was fatally stabbed was “Not corroborated by The proof,” consistent with licensed paperwork obtained by website.

In specific, The resolve did Not think about Krenney’s declare that she threw The knife at Obumseli from Greater than 10 toes away… The coroner’s testimony indicated that The wound was too deep and required Extra pressure than The throwing knife would possibly Have exerted.

The resolve moreover dominated there was No motive to launch Karenni as a consequence of fears she may go away The nation… noting that she had adequate money to take motion if she wanted to.

Arikytsya was charged With second-degree murder In August — 4 months after The incident — and arrested In Hawaii, CNN reported.

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