Ebanie Bridges Leaked Video on Reddit And Twitter Goes Viral – Join on Onlyf?

The Australian, who was Preventing for Ebanie Bridges’ world title, Has been caught punching The boxing magnificence With a disgusting, fat-shaming insult.

Shannon O’Connell was caught on Video calling Ebaney Bridges a “fat bit*h” ahead of The Australian’s bid for The IBF bantamweight world title this weekend.

The 2 engaged In a spat sooner than Bridges’ belt Struggle, With O’Connell calling her opponent a “nasty stripper” for sporting underwear In her pre-match cradle.

The 39-year-old moreover tried to intimidate Bridges when They met face-to-face In Leeds on Thursday, telling her: “You’re screwed, b****h” – solely to Have her opponent chortle In His face.

In The footage, an individual who Is Not In The picture says, “That’s a Fckig joke,” to Which O’Connell responds, “That’s bullsit. She’s a fat bith. There’s No method she weighed 120 kilos this morning. “This isn’t The First time O’Connell Has insulted Bridges about her decide. She beforehand tweeted a Photograph of her jogging Aussie With The caption: “Her tastes seem like mince pies…merely saying.”

The champ responded by tweeting, “Rattling, I can’t wait to get fat as soon as extra like this pic and eat Extra mince pies.”

In a single different Submit, she wrote: “Don’t like bullies. Within the meantime you [O’Connell] and your little family put me to shame. I don’t assume I look that harmful nevertheless hey regardless of Make her actually really feel increased. I assume you set people down. O’Connell (pictured) Has beforehand referred to as Bridges a “nasty stripper.”

“She’s already apologizing, nevertheless take into consideration saying that on digicam? So unprofessional,” one tweeted. Nonetheless, some followers observed nothing unusual about The comment. “That’s taken out of context. A large part of boxing Is lifting weights. If that’s what she calls her In The highway, then positive, trustworthy ample – she means she’s lifting weights – males on a regular basis do that – it’s It was a boxing match, Not a chess match,” Mitch Burton wrote.

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